Clarification on News Report by Tai Freedom News and Civil Society Network Alleging TNLA of Burning Down Homes in Ho-pan

May 7, 2016

A battle took place on May 6 between the TNLA and RCSS/SSA troops at Ho-pan village near Man-wun village of Namt Kham Township. The intruded RCSS/SSA camp on the hill at the upper side of Ho-pan was attacked at 0900 hours and the hill was able to be cleared at 1125 hours.

After the RCSS/SSA camp on the hill was cleared, the RCSS/SSA troops retreated to join up with their fellow troops in Ho-pan village, took up position in the village and resisted the pursuing TNLA troops. At the same time, Myanmar Tatmadaw (Burma Army) troops also fired their heavy weapons continuously at the place, and homes in Ho-pan village had started to catch fire, the conflict between fellow ethnic nationalities well before the TNLA troops were able to enter the village.

The TNLA has no policy to commit acts that may adversely affect interest of the people, such as arrest, execution and detention of the innocent civilians, destroying their lives, homes and properties etc. that might cause a burden to the people, and the TNLA troops down to the lowest level are implementing it with special care. All have been instructed specially, supervised and implemented always so that the conflict between ethnic resistance forces may not become a racial strife.

The burning down of homes in Ho-pan village was not caused by the TNLA troops, and as it was a time the fighting was in progress, it could be arson by another organization, or it was caused possibly by the explosions of heavy weapon shells, and the event is continued to be investigated.
News and Information Department

PSLF Clarification- May 7

PDF file download available here ; PSLF Clarification- May 7