Heroin and Yaba worth over 3.5 billion Myanmar Kyat seized by TNLA

Heroin and Yaba seized by TNLA

During a joint drug eradication operation by the TNLA commanding unit and Ta’ang special drug force, a truck carrying stones was stopped and checked near Khomone Village. This village is on the Namkham-Maingwee-Manton motor road in Manton Township, close to the camp of the Myanmar Army.Heroin and Yaba seized by TNLA

The force found and seized drugs packed in gunny bags on the truck: 16.5 kilograms of heroin (worth 90.75 mil. MMK) and 2,320,000 yaba (amphetamine) tablets (worth 3.48 bil. MMK), totaling a value of 3,570,750,000 MMK.

When the truck was stopped for checking, the owner of the drugs fled, and the driver and the drugs were seized. The sources said that the owner is a Chinese national who lived in Pauknay Ward of Namkham Town. The detailed information of the place where the drugs were carried and about the owner were still under investigation.

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