Human Rights Violations, Oppression and Atrocities by RCSS/SSA Force in Ta’ang Region

Human Rights Violations, Oppression and Atrocities by RCSS/SSA Force in Ta’ang Region

Sr. Date Location Brief Description Organization


Property Lost Remark
Type of Property Value
1 23-12-2015 Kyaukme Township၊ Pein-ne-gon,


Man-maing Villages

In December, village administrators of Pein-ne-gon, Man-kaung-mu, Man-maing Villages of Kyaukme Township, were ordered to get new recruits and, in case of failure, 30,000/ Kyat per household was forced to pay. Similarly, on December 23, 4,000/ Kyat per household was forced to pay for buying food items. RCSS/SSA      
2 17-1-2016 Lweh-sa village of Kyaukme Township On January 17, 2016, a fierce battle took place in Lweh-sa village of Kyaukme Township, TNLA Brigade-2 Area, Ta’ang Region, between TNLA Battalion-666 and RCSS/SSA troops, from 0615 to 1410 hours. The head-on battle was due to attack by RCSS/SSA troops on the TNLA troops, taking rest in the village. After the battle, RCSS/SSA troops arrested 11 villagers and ransacked the village. 

Persons arrested were (10) Aik Aine, (2) Aik Lin, (3) Kyan Min, (4) Sai Aine, (5) Nyi Lu, (6) Tonpa, (7) Aik Joe, (8) Maung Sein, (9) Mya Kyaw, (10) Aik Kya, and (11) Maung Nyo.


3 26-1-2016 Wane-pat village Mantong Township On January 26, 2016, at 1700 hours, 4 Wane-pat villagers of Kon-nyaung village tract, Mantong Township, were arrested without reason. The villagers were:

(1) Naing Boat, (2) Lom Boat, (3) Naing Kaung, and (4) Lom Tong.


4 26-2-2016 Lweh-kya-lauk Ferry, Man Hero Sub-Township On 262-2015, at 1630 hours, Mine Yai Aung Pan, aged 32, son of U Ywet Ngin Hsaing Wite and Daw Am Det of Namt Kat village, She-lant group, Muse Township was arrested

and taken away, without reason.


5 2-2-2016 Lon-kan village, Muse,

105 Mile Post


Two Lon-kan villagers of 105 Mile Post, of Muse, left homes on motorcycle to show the way to 4 trucks, carrying water melon, at 1000 hours. They did not come back even after dark. Later inquire showed that the two were taken away by RCSS/SSA troops. The arrested 2 villagers were:

(a) Mine Aung Win, aged 27, son of Ta A-hsan Hsaw (AKA) Ta Hsweh Pan and Daw Kham Pwint.

(b) Mine Tun Aung, aged 28, son of Ta Shwe Kyaung (AKA) Ta Kham Lain and Ya Arm Hton

RCSS/SSA ZL type, 2 green colored motorcycles, one silver colored telephone




100,000/ Kyat



The 2 were killed and cut up into parts.

6 8-2-2016 Law-nor village, Nam Kham Township The RCSS/SSA troops came to Law-nor village of Namt Kham Township, Ta’ang Region, on February 7. On February 8, innocent Lawnor villager Mine Lom Nor was arrested, tied up and left. Moreover, they ransacked homes of the villagers and forcibly took 500,000 Kyat from U Nyi Kyan home and 500,000/ Kyat from U A-nyan Kyu home. They also, broke in and ransacked the village monastery and other homes.   


7 13-2-2016 Nam-san and 

Namt-tway villages

On 13-2-2016, a battle took place with the TNLA at upper side of Namt-tway village, from 1200 to 1330 hours and again from 1500 to 2100 hours. At 2230 hours, the RCSS/SSA troops entered the village, shot up the locks on shop-houses to open and looted the items. They also stole chickens of the villagers. The persons whose houses were broken into by RCSS/SSA troops were:

(1) School teacher Daw Aye Ngwe;

(2) U Tun Kya;

(3) U Tun Hla;

(4) A gunny bagful of chickens.













– Many food items;

– Many food items;  

 – One CDMA ph.;

-2 MEC ph. cards.;

– Many food items;

– One CDMA ph.










8 14-2-2016 NamtKham, Lweh-hoon (NgorcKait) Bamboos of Lweh Hoon village were cut down without permission and taken away to build their camps in the forest. RCSS/SSA Bamboos and timber    
9 February 3rd week 2016 Namt Kham, Lort-naw In 3rd week of February, Lortnaw-MineWee main road in NamtKham Township, used by public was cut by digging trenches and placing logs across the road.                              
10 3-3-2016 Kyaukme Htan-Sant Pan-Ka Village heads and elders Htant-Sant and Pan-Ka of Kyaukme Township were told to come on March 3 for a meeting, but no meeting was held and they were detained for about a week. Villagers had to be sent to their camps to stand as sentinels, draw water and haul food supplies.        
11 20-32016 TunHay village of ManHero SubTownship, Muse Township Behind the front of “Center for Youth Reform and Drug Eradication” of Tun-hay village of Man Hero Sub-Township, Muse Township, on the other bank of Shweli River, China-Burma border, the RCSS/SSA arrested people arbitrarily and produced gun, heroin and amphetamine. On March 20, at 5 AM, about government 60 troops from Division-88 raided the place. In the place, the troops found and captured narcotic drugs, equipment used in drug production, precursor chemicals, 15 rifles, 5 pistols, camp supervisor and 65 men and 2 women, who had been arbitrarily detained. Among the detainees released were 5 Ta’ang nationals. They were: (1) Hsan Kyaw, 37, son of U Htauk Pu of Myothit village, Namtsan, (2) Sai Nyo Win, 27, son of U Aik Nyein, Myothit village, Namtsan, (3) Aung Hla, 50, son of U Sai Hein of Namthun village, Muse, (4) A-yeh, 30, son of U Aik Nyo, Paka village, Namt Kham, (5) Myint Naing, 30, son of U Aik Sa, of Honaung village, Muse.


12 29-3-2016 HsaingLain, Mantong Township On March 28, 2016, at 1500 hours, administrator of Hsaing-Lain village of Man-tong Township and clerk, and administrator of Lweh-Hoon village, were arrested and beaten up. Charcoal, firewood and forest, made on small scale, by Pan-Han-Lay and Namt-Ka-Lauk villagers, were destroyed.        
13 April 2nd week, 2016 PanKam, ManLweh – Thibaw Township In April 2nd week, 2016, PanKam and ManLweh village signboards written in Ta’ang language were destroyed.


14 9-4-2016 On Main road of ManTong, PanKa, HsaingLain RCSS/SSA troops checked travelers on HsaingLain-Panka hill-ridge main road in ManTong Township and limited the carrying of rice and food stuff, and levy protection money on tea and charcoal trucks.


15 9-5-2016 PanHsan village Kyaukme Township On May 8, at 7:30 AM, RCSS/SSA troops came to Pan-Hsan village of Kyaukme Township and ransacked the homes, most of which were left under lock by the villagers, who had left the village and took refuge in Kyaukme Town, in fear of armed clashes. They stole one solar panel from the house of Pan Daga and 13,000/ Kyat from U Maung Kya house and chickens of the villagers. The RCSS/SSA troops broke into every house of the villagers, under lock.        
16 1-6-2016 KyuHsaing village, NamKham Township On June 1, 2016, Mine Lom Aung Kyi, aged 22, son of U Yai Kham of Kyu Hsaing village, Namt Kham Township went to check his charcoal kiln at 11:00 AM, and was killed on the spot by a landmine planted near the kiln by RCSS/SSA troops.  


RCSS/SSA     An appalling death.
17 2-2016 KaWaChet, Naung-An, NamKham The RCSS/SSA troops planted landmines on roads to farms and tea plantations, and in the vicinity of charcoal kilns of Ka-Wa-Chet Naung-An village of NamtKham Township.


18 1-6-2016 NaungAn, NamKham  Two villagers of ManAung of Namt Kham Township (1) Mine Aik Tun U, 32, son of U Lom Som, & (2) Mine Nyi Ja Win, 34, son of U Nyi San Kar, were arrested on their way back from a religious ceremony on June 1.  On June 3, they were tied up and hacked to death, between NaungAn & ManAung villages by RCSS/SSA troops. RCSS/SSA     Cruelly killed by beheading


19 5-6-2016 Mine-Tap village


Five villagers, who brought school teachers for teaching students were beaten up.

PanKa village (3) persons.

1. Kwin E-Lwin

2. Name still not known

3. Name still not known

NaungRap village, one person

4. AYaing ZawLin း

HoTap village, one person

5. Name still not known


20 6-6-2016


MineTin village School teachers, Ta’ang villagers were beaten up.

PainKaing village, 2 persons

1. Male teacher (Husband & wife)

2. Female Teacher

21 8-6-2016 BoonSoon,  ManTong On June 8, at 11:00 AM, the RCSS/SSA troops arrested and took away over 30 villagers working in a cornfield of BoonSoon village of ManTon Township.

Villagers arrested and taken away were (JonKaLan villagers)
(1) A-sam Ywet, (2) A-Yaing Dump, (3) A-Maung, (4) Has-Ko, (5) Yaing Tho, (6) Nyi Yaw, (7) Yaing Doh (Man-set villager), (8) Naing Tho, (9) Lom Det, (10) Nyi Kham, (11) Nyi Kham-2, (12) A-Line, (13) A-Kaung, (14) Yaing Kyin (Lweh Moon villager, (15) Lom Ka,   (16) Naing Oo, (17) Aung Myat, (18) A-naing Maung Win, (19) Nyi Kit, (20) Nyi Kham Lin, (21) Nai Dump, (22) Nai Tun, (23) Nyi Maung (Man-E villager), (24) Nyi Pweh (Man-E villager, (25) A-yaing Doh (Pan Yaung villager, (26) Yaing Aung (Man-E villager, (27) Yaing Soan (Lweh Kan villager), (28) A-kin (Lweh Hsaung villager, (29) A-nyi Won (Ma Kauk villager), together with these, more than 30 villagers were arrested and taken away. Of these, three mentioned below were executed by
RCSS/SSA troops at Lower Side of Man-E village on 11-6-2016.

(1) Mine Aik Kham (Lweh Hsaung villager), (1) Mine (Name still not known), (3) Mine (Name still not known).  

Moreover, they destroyed 4 houses, looted 10 baskets of rice, one gold chain (valued at 70,000 Kyat), 18 chickens, one electrical generator (valued at 670,000 Kyat), 150,000 Kyat each from villagers Nai Kyaw and Nai Tun, and 300,000 Kyat of fund money from village head, and destroyed by burning one rice mill.  


RCSS/SSA      The  majority had been freed, but 4 are still missing, and three were executed.



22. 9-6-2016 Jon-ka-lan village Cornfield workers arrested and taken away by RCSS/SSA troops (Lweh-moon villagers). The list is as follows.

(1) Nyi Maung, (2) Nai Kyaw, (3) A-ywing Tauk, (4) Yay Pweh, (5) Yay Kik, (15-year old)  (6) Aye Kya, (7) Aye Kya’s son (5-year old), and (6) Aye Kya’s daughter (3-year old)



23 10-6-2016 Tun-hut, Man-tong On June 10, 2016, RCSS/SSA troops arrested and took away workers in cornfield of Tun-hut village. The list is as follows. 

(1)Kun Kar, (2) Ta Kun Tun, (3) Larka, (4) A-yaing Si, (5) A-Ngo Sit, (6) Nyi Kar, (7) Htet Kyaw, (8) Yeh Hla Min and (9) Nai Hein Htay. Moreover, they destroyed 3 houses.  


24 13-6-2016 Pan-pa village The RCSS/SSA troops again arrested 7 Pan-pa villagers working in a cornfield of Panpa village.

(1) Names are still not known,


25   17-6-2016 Pan-kaw village The RCSS/SSA troops again arrested and took away one Chinese and 9 Lishaw people. The names of them are still not known.








RCSS/SSA Troops Broke into Shop Houses and Looted Properties in Namt Tway village

February 15, 2016

On January 13, at about 2230 hours, the RCSS/SSA troops came to Namt Tway village of Nam-san Township in TNLA Brigade-2 Area, Ta’ang Region, and broke into shop houses by shooting up the locks on the doors and looted cash and food items, worth more than 2,500,000/ (2.5 million Kyat).

Victims of the looting – school teacher Daw Aye Ngwe, lost various kinds of food items worth over 900,000/ Kyat, U Tun Kya lost various kinds of food items worth over 1,000,000/ Kyat and one telephone, and U Tun Hla lost all kinds of food items worth over 1,000,000/ Kyat and one telephone. Most of the domestic chickens in the village were also looted.


PDF file download available here; HRV by RCSS Table Eng