TA’ANG (PALAUNG) UPDATES by the PSLF/TNLA News and Information Department September 27 to October 8 , 2016

2016 Commanding Officers (CO) Conference of TNLA Concluded
October 8, 2016

The Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) CO Conference for the year
2016 was held for 3 days, from 4 to 6 October, 2016, at a military headquarters
camp, in Brigade-1 Area.

The Conference was attended by central committee leaders, the general
officer commanding, general staff officers, brigade commanders, tactical
commanders, battalion commanders and military officials.
Tactical Commands 4 and 6 were raised to the brigade levels and three
more battalions were formed by the Conference.

The Conference reviewed the rules, regulations and laws pertaining to the
TNLA and discussions were held on means and ways for collectively resolving the
problems of providing food, shelters, educational and health services to the military
personnel and their family members during the resistance period.
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Fierce Battle between Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) and Myanmar
Tatmadaw (MT) Troops
October 6, 2016

A fierce head-on battle took place between TNLA Battalion-987 and MT
troops from 1430 to 1745 hours, at a place between Pa-lain and Nyaung Pan-hla
villages of Kyaukme Township, Brigade-2 Area, Ta’ang Region. There was casualty
on the MT side, but details are still not known.

The battle happened, because starting from 3 days past, the MT troops had
been chasing and blocking movement of the TNLA troops in TNLA operational area,
and today the two sides met head-on.

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RCSS Troops Burnt Up Ta’ang Villagers’ 2 Cars Carrying Charcoal
October 6, 2016

Today, at 1300 hours the RCSS troops destroyed by burning Ta’ang
villagers’ 2 cars carrying charcoal, near Naung-kham village of Namtkham

From Namtkham Town, 5 cars carrying charcoal crossed over at the Manhaung
Ferry. Of the 5 cars, 3 were owned by Shan and 2 were owned by Ta’ang
villagers. When the cars got near Naung-kham village the RCSS troops flagged
them down and the 3 Shan cars were allowed to proceed, but the 2 Ta’ang cars
were burnt to destroy.

The 2 cars burnt were each owned by Tar Hla Kyaw of Lweh-laing village,
Wain-hsar Village Tract and Mai Naing San of Namt-saip village of Man-sap Village

The two Ta’ang persons by fleeing empty handed, escaped with their lives.

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TNLA and MT Troops Clashed; Not Less than 7 MT Troops Killed
September 27, 2016

Today, September 27, from 1300 to 1400 hours, a head-on battle took place
between troops of TNLA Battalion-818 and the MT Div-99, near Naung Hweh
village of Kutkai Township, Brigade-5 Area, Ta’ang Region.

In the battle, not less than 7 MT troops were killed and on the TNLA side,
one sacrificed his life for the nationality.

The head-on battle took place when the MT troops coming to block and
attack the TNLA troops in 3 columns, ran into the outer perimeter guard troops.

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